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Website Design © 2020 by Belinda Bennett

We help brands succeed online

Agile content creation and social media solutions


For sectors that demand originality

Content Creation for B2B brands

Closed due to ill health


We are the people behind optimised content for WordPress and other website platforms, primarily operated by those in the B2B space.


Using keywords and tags, we create content that reaches target audiences and drives up Google rankings.


We also manage social media platforms for a wide range of clients, including trade shows, networking organisations and tech developers.

Belinda Bennett is a specialist in:

  • Evergreen content

  • Promotional content

  • Internal and external linking

  • The effective use of keywords in SEO content

  • Social media management

  • Consistent marketing messages

  • Scripts for video and creation of video for social media


Currently closed until further notice, we are always happy to discuss your needs. Because we consider affordability as important as the services we deliver, we run our business on a similar model to those you will find in the gig economy.


The full list of our services is available via the link above. You will find our full price list clearly displayed in both our Buy Now and Plans and Pricing sections. We believe in transparency because it matters.


If you are looking for free resources to help you better target your ideal customer base, you will find helpful information in our Blog section.


Whether you need some help to keep your content consistent or produce copy that keeps your website fresh, we can be of assistance.

We are not drama queens, neither are we too precious to take our instructions from you. We develop your ideas - and bring them to fruition.


It all starts with listening.